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Cyprus asks for access to Schengen database on behalf of non-member states of EU’s border control mechanism  

Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou, has called on the EU Justice and Home Affairs Council, currently convening in Luxembourg, to grant countries who do not participate in the Schengen Treaty, access to the Schengen system databases.

Six of the member states, including Cyprus are not part of Schengen.

The minister, during his intervention in the debate on combating terrorism through better cooperation between intelligence and security services of member states, reiterated a proposal he made last April, to allow access to the Schengen databases to all member states, even those not participating in Schengen area system in order to step up efforts for a truly functional external borders surveillance system.

“It has been proven,” he said, “that access to as many European sources, such as databases of Schengen information systems (SIS and VIS), gives the law enforcement authorities an additional tool for increasing their operational capabilities.”

Fighting terrorism and approving a relevant road map by the Dutch Presidency was the main part of the agenda, while the ministers dealt with illegal immigration, the proposal of the European Commission for and EU- Turkey-type of deal with African countries, the effectiveness of immigrant returns to Turkey, the needs of Frontex and EASO agencies, the progress in the liberalisation of the visa regime with Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey and Kosovo, and finally discussed the proposals on the revision of the Common European Asylum System.

Specific discussion on the EU-Turkey agreement is expected after the publication of the Commission`s assessment on June 15, in which the figures relating to the implementation of the agreement will be recorded in detail. (CNA)

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