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Relegation looms for match fixing

In a bid to tackle match fixing, the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) has decided to roll out tough measures in the new season, including relegation for repeat offenders.
It followed a meeting early this month where Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou urged the CFA to get tough, as Cyprus received 21 notifications concerning suspicious games during the last season alone.
Each time suspicious betting activity is noticed in a game, UEFA notifies the football authorities of the country in question
In total, the CFA has received 59 notifications in recent years. Though it does not necessarily mean a game had been fixed, authorities have so far failed to collect any evidence either way.
On Tuesday, the CFA decided to put measures in place that would hopefully stamp out the phenomenon.
According to the CFA, a team named in a UEFA notification will be fined €5,000 as a first step. A repeat will fetch the side a €10,000, while third-time offenders will lose CFA funding.
Teams named in four notices will have three points docked, six if there is a fifth, and nine for a sixth notice.
A seven-time offender will be relegated.
The rules also apply to team coaches and officials.
A coach whose team received four notifications during the same season will be banned for two years. The same goes for the chairman.

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