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From water to burgers, CTO says how much you should pay

The Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) on Wednesday issued this year’s price survey for coastal regions which gives an indication of how much people should expect to pay for various drinks in tourist areas.
Prices are not fixed by law and the survey is merely a guideline. It covers 158 restaurants and hotels spread across all districts.
According to the findings, tourists and locals visiting the beaches should expect to pay on average around €1.50 for a 500ml bottle of water, €2.50-€3.50 for a frappe, €1.50-€2 for a Cyprus coffee, around €1.50-€2 for a soft drink and between €5-€10 for a burger and chips.
The price of the bottled 500ml of water swung from €0.50 at one establishment in Paralimni to as much as €2.30 at another in Ayia Napa. This is excluding the prices listed for four and five-star hotels that are generally not comparable.
It’s possible to find a frappe for €1.50 in Larnaca rising to as much as €5 in Avdimou, again excluding luxury hotels.
Cyprus coffee in general is cheaper and several establishments were selling it for as little as €1 to as much as €3 in one Ayia Napa restaurant.
Soft drinks in restaurants cost in the region of €2 for the most part to as high as €3 but that was the exception at an Ayia Napa establishment.
The cheapest burger and chips was found in Paralimni at €5 and though most were under €10, a small number went to €11 or €12.
The full list with the names of all of the establishments can be found here:

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