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Iraqi-Kurd sentenced to life for murdering his mother in Dhekelia

File photo: Amil Aziz

A British bases court in Dhekelia on Monday handed down a life sentence to Amil Aziz, 22, an Iraqi of Kurdish origin for the murder of his mother, 43, in August 2015.

Aziz will serve his sentence at Her Majesty’s Prison Dhekelia and will be eligible, under British law, to apply for parole after the sixteen years set as a minimum by the judge.

Aziz’s mother was found dead with her throat cut near their house in Dhekelia.

Earlier hearings revealed that as there were no eye witnesses to the crime, the prosecution would rely on circumstantial evidence and the DNA results of the Institute of Neurology and Genetics (CING).

According to witness accounts, Aziz was reported seen with the victim, Yasmin Mansour the evening the incident took place, as they were spotted taking a walk together just before midnight near their home at the ‘Victoria Coach Park’ – a refugee settlement on the base.
Soon after Aziz was seen crouched over Mansour who was on the ground bleeding on the steps of a nearby house. When a neighbour rushed over to investigate, Aziz said Mansour had been bitten by a dog, while moments later he fled the scene on foot.
The witness rushed to alert Mansour’s husband, who managed to drag her blood soaked body on to the back of seat of the family car, in an attempt to get her to hospital. Emergency services arrived soon after, and Mansour was pronounced dead.

Aziz was picked up by police the next day outside a school in nearby Ormidia and told officers he fled the scene ‘because of stress’.
An crime-scene investigation showed “signs of strangulation, followed by multiple stab wounds with a very sharp knife, which had slit the vessels, musculature and respiratory tract of the victim’s throat.” Mansour, who had five children, was buried in Pyla.
The court heard that the knife with which it is believed Mansour was killed, was found on the suspect, who allegedly washed off the blood in the sea in Ormidia shortly after the incident.
He denied killing his mother had continued to insist that she was bitten by a dog on the head, while they were walking together.
He also told prosecution he had no reason to kill his mother and that the knife belonged to his brother.
The suspect’s two brothers, who were called in as prosecution witnesses, said they did not see anything as regards the incident.
When asked whether their brother had any grievances with their mother concerning €18,000 she had in the bank in her name, they both said no.

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