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Cypriot students focus on business and law

Cyprus is among the EU member states with the highest percentage of social sciences, business and law students. The largest share studying these subjects was recorded by Eurostat in Bulgaria (49 per cent), followed by Luxembourg with 46 per cent and Cyprus with 43.6 per cent. The EU average for 2014 was 33.8 per cent.

The second most popular field of study in Cyprus is education, which was studied by 19.1 per cent in 2014, by far exceeding the EU average of 9.5 per cent. Other study areas favoured by Cypriots are engineering, mathematics and construction (10.3 per cent), health and welfare (7.7 per cent),  humanities and arts (7.3 per cent), with fewer preferring science and computing (6.3 per cent).

Male dominated fields are engineering, manufacturing and construction (where men account for 73 per cent of the graduates in this field in the EU overall) and science, mathematics and computing (58 per cent). In Cyprus, however, only 46 per cent of graduates in this field were men in 2014.

On the other hand, four out of five EU graduates in education are women, and here Cyprus is no exception with a percentage of 84.4.

Another field where women are largely overrepresented is health and welfare, with 75 per cent female graduates. Here, Cyprus has the lowest share of all member states with 65 per cent, while the highest share was recorded in Estonia (90 per cent).

All in all, 37.1 per cent of university education graduates are men and 62.6 per cent women in Cyprus, close to the EU average of 42.1 and 57.9 per cent respectively.


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