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Brexit is a lose-lose situation 

Brexit is no victory for anyone. For the Brits it might be what we darn (European) Southerners call a Pyrrhic victory in that they may have won the battle but lost the war.  This remains to be seen. The writer however, can foresee a scenario where (with apologies to the Eagles’ Hotel California, “you can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.”

For The European Union and its bureaucracy it is a kick up its backside of Teutonic proportions.  How could they not realise that overregulation, an abundance of waste, a bloated overpaid hugely privileged bureaucracy, a toothless, overpaid European parliament and endless pointless procedures imposed by people who invariably never had a real job in their lives would eventually lead to those who could afford it and whose democracy is indubitably more genuine than most, to simply say goodbye.

The EU is still probably a good idea for the rest of us but it must stop being club where only the biggest or the baddest, or even where the one with deepest pockets, calls the shots.
We do not all produce superbly engineered automobiles or bottles of wine which sell for thousands.  We do not all have huge populations and therefore substantial internal markets.  This logically means that we should be able to innovate in all fields to attract income and investments from within the Union and of course, elsewhere.

We do not need to be told how to do this by the Masters of this Union or their minions the Mandarins of Brussels. No one wants to break any laws or facilitate the enjoyment of the fruits of illicit activities but, please, all of you, learn from your mistakes and stop meddling in issues which are entirely internal to a sovereign nation. Let us earn our living the best way we can.

If the above means a further rethink of Europe and another treaty to replace the one of Lisbon then so be it.

This writer would remind everyone that Europe may be our common home but its prosperity and peace is best served by a Europe which is not one nation but an Economic Union as originally envisaged, nothing more nothing less.

Constantinos Messios, Advocate, via email

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