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Turkey, Israel and our perceptive analysts

epa05026617 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan (L) shake hands with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin during G20 summit in Antalya, Turkey, 15 November 2015. In additional to discussions on the global economy, the G20 grouping of leading nations is set to focus on Syria during its summit this weekend, including the refugee crisis and the threat of terrorism. EPA/SERGEY GUNEYEV / POOL MANDATORY CREDIT

By Loucas Charalambous

WHAT was this latest calamity to hit us? Israel and Turkey have restored their relations. And they will co-operate, according to the news, on energy issues which was the main reason for mending relations. But what happens now to the alliances and friendships that we forged with Israel and Russia in recent years?

What happens to those ‘strategic’ alliances which, according to our renowned political analysts, have ‘fortified’ Cyprus? Until a few weeks ago, they were rejoicing because these alliances had helped us inflict a knock-out blow on Turkey. What has happened since? Have we been betrayed by our friends or, to recall Phileleftheros’ language, have they ‘stabbed us in the back’?

I am very curious to hear what our astute analysts, who in recent years have been touring television stations gloating because Turkey had been ‘pushed into the corner’ and just stopping short of announcing her demise, have to say about this ‘treachery’ by Israel and Russia?

For instance, what does Sigma’s political analyst Yiannos Charalambides have to say now? He was the pundit who on November 29, 2015 made that astounding revelation that the Russians had allowed the Turks to shoot down their plane “in order to undermine the credibility of the Americans”. He also asked the hypothetical question, “what would be our position at a meeting of the European Council on the Russia-Turkey crisis, if the Cyprus problem had been solved and Turkey called Akinci and told him ‘this is our position’?” He arrived at the nightmare conclusion that this “would blow up our state”.

Of course, it is possible he will now tell us that the restoring relations was part of plot. Russia may have told the Turks at the time something along the following lines: “Could you please shoot down one of our fighter planes so that the credibility of the Americans can be undermined? And do not worry, after a while you can ‘express regret’ to the relatives of the pilot and we can restore our relations.” This is more or less how events unfolded according to the resourceful Sigma ‘analyst’, who must now sleep easily because if there were a Cyprus settlement there is no danger of the state being blown up now the Russia-Turkey crisis is over.

Apart from Charalambides, another analyst must find herself in a difficult position. I refer to Turk-eater strategic advisor of President Anastasiades, Eleni Stavrou-Syrou, who was put on the DISY election ticket by Anastasiades and party leader Averof Neophytou as a candidate of ‘excellence’ and was duly elected. Regular readers will remember that in one strategic study she published last November the presidential strategic advisor wrote:

“Israel, when Turkey wrecked their alliance, turned immediately to Greek Cyprus in order to safeguard, first of all, its security and entirely as a secondary consideration its energy deposits… For Israel, Cyprus constitutes a shield, a bulwark for facing the threat from Turkey with advanced battle outposts. This is so the Turks would not be able to advance quickly and without clashes, not even as far as the official airspace and territorial waters, nor to the restricted territory in which Israel would be fighting with its back to the wall.”

Commenting on this incredible nonsense, I wrote at the time that Israel must count itself lucky that it found Greek Cyprus to save it from the claws of Turkey. It seems that in the end though it did not find the shield and bulwark we offered it very effective and therefore chose to mend its relations with Turkey so its worries were over and perhaps also sell Turkey its natural gas. So now, it needs neither our shield nor our bulwarks.

I know that some readers might be thinking I am making a big mistake mocking these stupidities. But my gripe is not with the indescribable ‘war expert’, whom I have never met. What makes me hit the roof is that the president has appointed her his ‘strategic advisor’ and together with Averof made her a member of parliament.

In short, this is the seriousness of the president of the republic and the leader of the biggest party. This is the point I wanted to make. It is also the reason I try to persuade every young person I meet to try to leave this cursed island because with such people running it, it has no hope.


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