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Survey: people around the world have little confidence in Trump

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Across the globe, people have little faith in Donald Trump’s ability to handle world affairs, according to a new Pew Research Center poll. The presumptive Republican nominee has made “America First” the cornerstone of his foreign policy and the survey reveals that a mere 9 per cent of Europeans have confidence in him doing the right thing on the world stage. Trump’s rival in the race for the White House, Hillary Clinton, has far greater support among Europeans with 59 per cent confident the former secretary of state would do the right thing regarding world affairs.

Broken down on a country by country basis, Pew found that Swedes are especially critical of Trump with 92 pe rcent of them reporting they have no confidence in him doing the right thing in world affairs. Outside Europe, the pattern repeated itself with 87 per cent of Australians and Canadians also holding the same view. In China, people are slightly more confident about Trump’s foreign policy with 22 per cent indicating they have faith in him making the correct decisions.

Infographic: People Around The World Have Little Confidence In Trump | Statista
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