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Referendum lesson from the UK Brexit vote

Referring to the 2004 Annan plan referendum in Cyprus, on April 21 that year – three days before the referendum – Nicos Anastasiades spoke of undemocratic conditions, media misinformation, gagging and pressure to influence people’s decisions.

This could be applied to the recent referendum in the UK and strengthens my view that referendums are not always the right way to go.

In the recent UK referendum, many ‘pundits’ were saying the issue was far too complicated for the average person to understand and this might have contributed to the Brexit outcome.

Surely this is also going to be the case here, when we have a referendum on the terms of the Cyprus settlement. Are we going to read all those documents to make up our minds? Is it wise to leave it to us?

While our elected politicians have their faults, it IS a democracy and we DO vote for them so is a referendum going to be the right thing?

Penny Douglas, Limassol

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