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Lawyer to sue AG over suspension of case against police officer

Attorney-general Costas Clerides


FORMER Deputy Attorney-general Loukis Loucaides is suing Attorney-general Costas Clerides for his decision to suspend a private criminal case he initiated against a traffic cop with whom he had a run-in last year in Nicosia.

The prominent lawyer and former European Court of Human Rights judge was charged in September last year in connection with allegations of abusing a police officer, and with traffic violations.

Saying he reserved the right to appeal to the European Court, Loucaides referred to a violation of the human right to court access, while requesting the issuing of a court order prohibiting what he described as the AG’s ‘illegal and arbitrary suspension of private prosecutions on behalf of the plaintiff’.

In a letter to the Cyprus Mail following the publicising of the incident last year, Loucaides denied the police version of events saying it was untrue.

He said it was correct that a police officer had arrested him on September 3, 2015 on Nikis Avenue Nicosia as a reaction to his pointing out to him that he should have behaved properly to people. Loucaides said the policeman had felt offended and in an arrogant manner had asked him to stop his car a few metres away on a double yellow line.

Loucaides maintained the officer had started shouting at him expressing anger for his remarks concerning his behaviour then following him to a nearby pharmacy and shouting that he was under arrest but not giving him a reason why. The lawyer said the policeman also brought some more police officers as if expecting “a warlike operation”. It was then his car was confiscated and he was led to the police station.

The lawyer said he never insulted anybody and never committed the offences. He simply pointed out to the police officer that his behaviour was unacceptable and nonsensical, adding that as a lawyer he intended to sue him for damages.

Loucaides claimed that in the end the policeman felt the need to prepare some charges against him which were completely unfounded and he accused the officer of going around the newspapers to publish his unfounded version.

Loucaides described the incident as a typical abuse of authority for which he had already filed a civil action against the policeman for damages stemming from the illegal arrest, criminal action and false accusations. He also reported the complaint to the independent authority dealing with complaints against the police.


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