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New finds at Chlorakas-Palloures

The second season of excavations in Cyprus’ 5,000-year-old Chalcolithic site at Chlorakas-Palloures has been completed, the antiquities department announced on Tuesday as copper artefacts, small houses and a large building were unearthed.

During the 2016 excavation season, works focused on two small neighbourhoods, where a “large and monumental, well-built, domestic building” was discovered in the north section of the area with plastered interior and exterior surfaces.

The centre of the building contained a large mortar installation along with a hearth measuring 2.5 meters across with similar items found next to the building.

In the south, a number of smaller round houses were excavated, measuring around six to eight meters in diameter.

“This, however, was by no means the poorer quarter of the site. In this part of the settlement a number of copper artefacts were found – which are among a few known so far for the Chalcolithic period, as well as beautiful figurines.

“It is becoming increasingly clear that the settlement at Chlorakas-Palloures was an important settlement in the Chalcolithic period, with access to high quality flint and picrolite (used for figurines), metal artefacts, and large well-built houses,” the antiquities department said.

Excavations were directed by Dr Bleda Düring of Leiden University in collaboration Cyprus’ antiquities department.

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