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For the love of dance and romance

Dance is a form of expression, a way to pass on culture and tradition, but also a way to tell a story. This Sunday two dance performances will bring all this into one. A dance performance by the indigenous Australian dance group Djuki Mala in Nicosia will show us the moves of their ancestors – with some modern twists – while the Russian Ballet Moscowia will perform the ballet piece Fatal Love in Limassol.

Djuki Mala, presented by the Australian High Commission, have become a YouTube sensation after their clip of Zorab the Greek went viral in 2007. Audiences have since followed this marvel of perfect timing and comedic showmanship – mixed with a heap of feeling and soul – and the dance group has received much recognition. They have received the Helpmann Award Nomination in 2014, and been named best dance at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe Festival. All this is due to their highly energetic show that fuses traditional Yolngu and contemporary pop culture, dance and storytelling to create a spectacle that is truly unique.

At the Latsia Municipal theatre for an hour-and-a-half free performance, Djuki Mala will take audience members on a journey through two stories about indigenous Australia. The first takes us back in time to the traditions of the world’s oldest cultures, whose histories date back over 50,000 years, and the second shows how art and performance styles from all over the world influences dance.

Dressed in traditional costumes, the dancers will surely entertain – as comedy is also a part of their act. The comedic element to the show may seem odd to some but members of the group explain that “it’s a tradition in a young boy’s initiation ceremony. You make up stupid dances and do them at the ceremony to make it more of a fun day for the young boy. Zorba the Greek is an extension of that.”

To receive your complimentary tickets to the performance, send an email to [email protected] or call 22-753001.

While Nicosia will move to the steps of native Australia, Limassol will have a more classical feel.

Fatal Love is the story of Russian lyrical poet Sergey Esenin and American dancer Isadora Duncan – who was 18 years his senior. The two had many differences and were worlds apart, but this did not stop them from becoming lovers.

The couple met in 1921 and were married the following year. She did not understand his poetry and he did not see why she was so passionate about moving dance forward. Perhaps it is the feel for the unfamiliar that drew them to each other and was the foundations for a great love story.

Moscowia’s production is directed by a former principal artist of the Bolshoi Ballet, Stanislav Vlasov and staged by artistic director Liliya Sabitova. Bringing together virtuoso dancing and enchanting choreography the ballet re-ignites the wit of the famous Russian poet and the revolutionary moves of the dancer.

Djuki Mala
Live performance by the indigenous Australian dance group. July 24. Latsia Municipal Theatre, Nicosia. 9pm. Free. Tel: 22-753001

Fatal Love
Ballet performance by the Russian Ballet Moscowia. July 24. Curium Ancient Theatre, Episkopi, Limassol. 8pm. €15/10. Tel: 99-157379

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