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Someone do something about road accidents

Sadly during the last year the driving here in Paphos seems to have deteriorated significantly. Red lights? Yesterday I witnessed a vehicle speed over a red light, a police vehicle coming the opposite way ignored it totally.

Driving with hands on the wheel? Well, not often. Texting, talking on the phone, is the norm. I have watched people get into their cars, start the engine, then make a phone call.

Ignoring the rules of the road? Or just ignorant? Not many drivers seem to understand the use of dual carriageways, undertaking, speeding on the inside then pulling out without indicating. Only the other day in Paphos a young man was killed by a speeding driver overtaking slow traffic.

And finally, indicating? At the new roundabout by the Paphos Mall, only one in six drivers indicate to show their intentions. There will be more deaths, more serious injuries.
Please, someone, bring safety onto our roads. Using a killer machine is too easy.

Vanessa Morris, Paphos

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