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Four inmates convicted of male sexual assault within prison

Four inmates at Nicosia central prisons were convicted on Tuesday for the rape of a fifth, receiving sentences ranging from 10 to 12 years to run concurrently with the ones already being served.

Larnaca/Famagusta criminal court meeting in Nicosia, imposed sentences of 12 years on two individuals and 10 years on two others for sexual offenses involving violence, sexual exploitation of an adult, drugging in order to have sexual contact by force, and injury, offences committed in the penal institution between November 20, 2013 and January 7, 2014.

“The facts of this case rank at the peak of the sexual vulgarity scale and are such that in our view, place it as one of the most serious of its kind, with all the elements of aversion, loathing and disgust, one can feel for what the four accused committed against the defenceless complainant, who was sexually abused and supremely humiliated,” the court noted in a statement.

“The offence of intercourse by force provides for up to 14 years’ imprisonment, which does not correspond to the level of revulsion felt by normal people for that kind offence. This is in contrast to the maximum sentence the Penal Code provides for the rape of women, which is incarceration for life.”

The court described the case as the most serious of its kind since the accuseds’ continuing acts could not be regarded as a single transgression.

The statement referred to “abnormal, sick and perverted sexual appetites” and included clear references to the acts of individuals on which the penalties were imposed, noting that two of them “took advantage of the insecurity of the complainant and the sensitivity of his personality, using him as an object for their sexual pleasure for their terrible appetites and completing their heinous crime by providing the complainant to the other two in order they sexually relieve themselves, regardless of the emotional and physical costs to the victim.”

Taken into consideration as a serious aggravating factor in sentencing was the defendants’ prior convictions which demonstrated their propensity to crime.

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