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Ex-general under fire for ‘cockroach’ and ‘kickback’ slur

Kyriacou wanted to 'offer some advice' to National Guard commander Basiakoulas

RETIRED army brigadier-general Yiorgos Kyriacou, who made headlines after abandoning DIKO and joining nationalist ELAM following a failed run at parliament last May, named eight top National Guard officers and listed his assessment of their various shortcomings on his Facebook post, only to remove the entry on Wednesday, after his post was picked up by local media.

Addressing National Guard chief Georgios Basiakoulis, whose two-year term was renewed by the government earlier this week, Kyriacou said he wanted to “offer some advice”.

“Classmate and friend chief of the National Guard, on the occasion of the renewal of your stay in command of the National Guard, and as a former top officer, I would like to extend some advice which I believe will help you run the army better, and leave a good legacy when you depart the island,” Kyriacou wrote.

“Just break some necks – it’s going to be easy because they are constantly facing down,” he added, presumably referring to a culture of servitude.

But since I am talking about them, Kyriacou wrote, I will say some more, and “if any of them have any guts they can sue me”.

He went on to list the names of top National Guard officers, along with a brief – invariably unflattering – assessment of each (names withheld as some of the allegations relate to criminal activity).

“[Top officer 1]: also known as KICKBACK. He has eaten until he could eat no more, and they still tolerate him,” Kyriacou wrote.

“[Top officer 2]: also known as the failure of cheating. He was caught plagiarising in the entrance exams of the War School and was admitted, instead of being punished.

“[Top officer 3]: the perfect example of subservience, ‘yesman-ism’, and servility.

“[Top officer 4]: a complete zero and the model for survival under nuclear conditions – hence the nickname ‘Cockroach’.

“[Top officer 5]: also known as an economic migrant, or the product of nepotism, or a windmill [which turns wherever the wind blows]. Never disagrees.

“[Top officer 6]: wants to retire a brigadier-general regardless of ‘weather conditions’. Other than that, nothing.

“[Top officer 7]: great character, mediocre intellect, and in the wrong line of business.

“[Top officer 8]: also known as ‘the hare’. Three efforts to make it into War School… and I’ll leave it at that.”

Kyriacou pledged to deal with the rest another time, “if need be”, and then assigned a political spin to his rant.

“This is who they are – applaud them,” he wrote.

“And that’s why there is peace in Cyprus – with a bicommunal, bizonal federation.”

But it seems that Kyriacou’s outburst landed him in some trouble after his post was published in major local media.

By Wednesday morning, he had removed the post from his Facebook account, and replaced it with a declaration aimed at absolving himself of responsibility.

“What has been written by various media in connection with a post on my Facebook account was unauthorised and without my approval,” Kyriacou wrote.

“Therefore, I have removed my post and bear no responsibility for whatever is written, either by individuals or mass media.”

According to daily Politis, which carried the story on Wednesday, the issue has been taken up by the Defence ministry and the National Guard’s leadership, as naming top military officers publicly constitutes improper behaviour by a retired senior officer.

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