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Paphos fires caused by illegal burning of grass or garbage

The two fires that broke out on Thursday in the Paphos district were probably caused by the intentional burning of grass or garbage, the fire service said on Friday.

The first fire broke out at around 3pm, in an area between Androlykou, Drousheia and Prodormi and burned down four hectares of dry grass, wild vegetation and trees.

In total, seven fire engines, a track-type tractor and two helicopters were recruited to help put out the blaze.

Some two hours later, another fire broke out in a hard-to-reach area between Choli and Skoulli and it burned four hectares of dry grass, wild vegetation and trees, the service said. The fire also damaged a number of electricity poles.

On site were eight fire engines, a tractor and two helicopters that were called in to help put out the earlier fire. The fire service said that the possible cause of both fires was the intentional burning of grass or garbage.

Following the five-day Solea area fires in June, which burned 18.5 square kilometres of land and caused the death of two firemen, a campaign was launched by the fire service urging people to refrain from burning prunings and to report others who do, to avoid similar disasters.

The fire in the Evrychou region that spread to the Solea region was started by a 12-year-old boy playing with a cigarette lighter, while a massive fire in Argaka a few hours before that, which  destroyed five square kilometres of forest, was allegedly started by a couple burning rubbish.


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