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Stories unfold in the garden

The work of Cypriot directors continues to be honoured by the cultural centre Technopolis 20 in Paphos this month during its open-air cinema event.

The cultural centre will continue to screen feature and short films every Tuesday at 8.30pm.

This Tuesday the documentary The Cypriot Fiddler by Nicoletta Dimitriou will be screened. The documentary follows old-style traditional fiddle players – fkiolarides in the Cypriot dialect – on both sides of the island. Each fiddler tells a story that has now been documented for future generations to hear.

Dimitriou is a research fellow in Ethnomusicology and Life Writing at Wolfson College, Oxford and in 2005 when she was doing fieldwork for her PhD she returned to Cyprus to do a series of interviews with elderly folk musicians. These interviews led to a glimpse of a life that used to be and the realisation that although the music had been recorded and transcribed, the stories behind the people who played it had not.

With this realisation, Dimitriou set-out to document the life stories behind the music and, and she put it, “reveal a snapshot of a Cyprus that no longer exists – in terms of both Cyprus’ landscape and the people that inhabited it. Whether what has been lost is important or not can only be judged with hindsight.”

On August 16 two short films by Spiros Charalambous – Anna and Forever Young – will be screened.

Anna is about Mary, a 30-year-old Philippine woman who takes care of an 85-year-old man in a village on our island and suffers from arteriosclerosis. The old man is obsessed with a soap opera and especially the protagonist, and also insists on using the name Anna when speaking to Mary. It is not until Mary finds an old box with some photographs in it that she realises who Anna really is.

In contrast to Anna and its focus on old age and the recollection of the past, Forever Young follows Nikos, a young man who makes love for the first time one night in August. But come September, the woman he shared a bed with for the first time will start a new life.

Five short films will be screened on August 23.

Out of Sight, by Christina Georgiou and David Hands, is a 2015 five-minute drama about how the memories of a certain Christmas day are awoken after a visit to a deserted house.

The 2013 short drama The Immortaliser by Marios Piperides shows the lengths people would go to to keep their loved ones alive.

The experimental short The Orchestra in the City by Minos Papas, features the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra in Nicosia.

Next Letter to Cyprus by Sholeh Zahraei and Kamil Saldun will also be screened. The 22-minute short is based on original letters from 1974 that were sent from the UK to Cyprus between two pen-pals.

The last short in the series is Agrinoui by Alexis Chaviaras, a short 3D animated film about a young mare who visits Cyprus to take part in races.

Open-Air Cinema
Screening of films by Cypriot directors. Until September 6. Technopolis 20, Paphos. Every Tuesday at 8.30pm. €3. Non English films will have English subtitles. Tel: 70-002420

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