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Cyprus should be ashamed of faeces-infested waters

I felt it essential to write this email in the middle of my vacation to express my absolute disgust at the amount of human excrement floating in the bays and beaches around beaches in Limassol.

With a family of three young children aged 6, 2 and 1 this is not only disgusting but a very real and genuine health risk.

Cyprus is not a cheap holiday destination costing nearly €10,000 for a family vacation and after experiencing what we have why would we ever wish to return. For the same money we could go more or less anywhere in the world where we can swim in fish-infested glorious blue seas, not infested with human faeces.

Having had discussions with some locals apparently this is a problem which has been known for some time and the cause from an oil rig and a drill ship just offshore.

If it is known, why haven’t you closed the beaches or moved the rigs? If we had known this, we would not have come nor wasted our hard-earned money to now sit in a room.

It truly has spoilt our family vacation and something the country of Cyprus should be ashamed about.

Mr and Mrs C Taylor, UK

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