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The touching aspects of film

The short film Anna, directed by Spyros Charalambous, will be shown at the Social Space Kaymakkin in Nicosia on Thursday to give viewers an understanding of how much domestic workers have become part of family life in Cyprus.

Charalambous, who will be present at the screening, studied cinema at the Stavrakou film school in Athens. He has worked on various cinema productions both in Greece and Cyprus and has also directed for theatre and television.

The director’s 22-minute film Anna is about Mary, a 30-year-old Philippino woman who takes care of an 85-year-old man, Mr. Michalis, in a village on our island who suffers from arteriosclerosis. Mr. Michalis is obsessed with a soap opera and especially the protagonist, and also insists on using the name Anna when speaking to Mary. Even when his daughter Melpo corrects him, he still insists on calling her Anna.

It is not until Mary finds an old box with some photographs in it that she realises who Anna really is.

After the screening of the short film, there will be a discussion on domestic workers in Cyprus. The discussion will include a group of Philippino migrant domestic workers who will discuss in English – but Greek translation will be offered if needed.

Screening and Discussion about Domestic Workers in Cyprus
Screening of the short film Anna by Spyros Charalambous, followed by a discussion. August 11. Social Space Kaymakkin, 127 Arch. Makariou, Kaimakli, Nicosia. 7.30pm. Free. Film in Greek with English subtitles. Discussion in English. Contact:

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