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A look back at cinema

For all cinema lovers out there who wish to get to know about the history of what the Greeks call the seventh art, film historian Doros Demetriou will give a series of film seminars at Cynema Xanthis 3 in Nicosia as of September 6.

The seminars, which are suitable for anyone who wishes to gain knowledge about cinema and art regardless of age, profession, education, and knowledge – according to the Facebook event page – will run every Tuesday and Friday in September from 7pm until 9pm.

Film is viewed as a form of art in these seminars and, like all art forms, this one also has certain techniques and tendencies that filmmakers follow or create. As well as finding out about these, participants will also get to know the terminology used in film making, basic theories to do with the cinema, and get to learn about important directors.

There will be a total of eight seminars, during which several excerpts from movies and other visuals will be used.

Demetriou will present and introduce the birth of Cinema during the first meeting. He will then move on to the coming of sound in classic Hollywood and also cover important directors and actors in this era. The next seminar will cover cinema in the rest of the world and European cinema until 1950. Moving on, the film historian will touch on American post-war cinema and the innovators and rebels of that time. Leaving America behind, the next meeting will introduce post-war European cinema, the New Waves that came into movie theatres in Europe and elsewhere. Next up will be the cinema in the 70s and 80s, and then the modern and contemporary world of the cinema in the 90s. The last meeting will concentrate on cinema in the digital era, and there will also be a discussion on how cinema will evolve in the future.

The History of Cinema
Series of seminars by film historian Doros Demetriou. September 6-30. Cynema Xanthis 3, Kaimakli, Nicosia. 7pm-9pm. €80 for the series and €12 per session. In English. Tel: 99-435754. Email: [email protected]

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