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Soros’ eyes are on our MEPs

George Soros

Three Cypriot MEPs are on the radar of billionaire George Soros’ global spiderweb of open society lobbying NGOs as ‘Reliable allies in the European Parliament (2014 – 2019)’.

In hundreds of documents hacked last weekend detailing what some might call Soros’ meddling in world affairs, one of them ‘maps’ 226 potential allies in the European Parliament, among them Solidarity’s Eleni Theocharous, and AKEL’s Neoclis Sylikiotis and Takis Hadjigeorgiou.

Η Ευρωβουλευτής Ελένη Θεοχάρους, Στρασβούργο 17 Δεκεμβρίου 2015.ΚΥΠΕ/ΚΑΤΙΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΔΟΥΛΟΥ
Solidarity’s Eleni Theocharous

“This mapping provides the Open Society European Policy Institute and the Open Society network intelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society values during the 2014–2019 legislature,” one of the hacked instructional documents to the lobbyists says.


“The presence of an MEP in this mapping indicates that they are likely to support Open Society’s work. They should be approached with an open mind: although they will most likely want to work on areas they’re already interested in, they could also welcome hearing about new issues. Beyond discussing individual topics, Open Society should seek to build lasting and trustworthy relationships with these European lawmakers.”

The ‘intelligence’ document provides information on members’ parliamentary affiliations (country, political group, nature of their mandate, and the committees and delegations they belong to); their background (professional history, parliamentary interests, and other relevant intelligence); and their contact details.

Along with a brief bio, the document describes Eleni Theocharous as “interested in foreign affairs and the Cyprus conflict; reasonable and respected voice in the EPP (despite coming from a small Member State); progressive at heart.”

Ο Ευρωβουλευτής του ΑΚΕΛ  Τάκης Χατζηγεωργίου, Στρασβούργο 16 Δεκεμβρίου 2015. ΚΥΠΕ/ΚΑΤΙΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΔΟΥΛΟΥ
Takis Hadjigeorgiou

Takis Hadjigeorgiou is described as having a “long-standing interest in Turkey (linked to the North Cyprus conflict) and Euronest; also interested in human rights; EU enlargement; unemployment and post-crisis economics; and the Cyprus conflict. Kept a rather low profile in the 2009-2014 mandate in terms of attendance and reports authored.”

Lastly Neoclis Sylikiotis; “interested in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; and post-crisis economics (strong anti-liberal feelings).”

So why does it matter that the Hungarian-American billionaire with a God complex has taken an interest in three Cypriot politicians?

Love him as a philanthropist or hate him as destabiliser of countries around the world through funding civil unrest, Soros has a stated agenda to influence global policy and some of the hacked documents boast how his Open Society European Policy Institute’s (OSEPI) networks have already accomplished certain goals in Europe, though one paper indicates there was some disappointment in not achieving greater influence over the outcome of the 2014 European Parliament elections.

Σημαντικές αναφορές για την Κύπρο περιέχει η έκθεση για την Ενεργειακή Ενωση που ψήφισε σήμερα το Ευρωπαϊκό Κοινοβούλιο, ανέφερε ο Ευρωβουλευτής του ΑΚΕΛ, Νεοκλής Συλικιώτης , Στρασβούργο 15 Δεκεμβρίου 2015. ΚΥΠΕ/ΚΑΤΙΑ ΧΡΙΣΤΟΔΟΥΛΟΥ
Neoclis Sylikiotis

A ‘Strategy Update 2015-16′ says: “OSEPI is adapting to a colder political environment [in the EU] by finding new routes to influencing policy”, and an ‘outcomes and activity report’ dated 2013 boasts that the European Parliament’s resolution on national Roma integration strategies for instance “includes verbatim wording provided by OSEPI”, and also that “the EU’s response to the crisis in Ukraine was influenced by OSF analysis and recommendations”.

Again, why does it matter? A better question might be why is a private individual with $23 billion in his pocket meddling in, and trying to influence, governments’ policies around the world? In the words of Morton Abramowitz of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace Soros is the “only private citizen who had his own foreign policy”.

At face value, Soros, 86, could be seen a do-gooder of sorts. NGOs including Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, and Transparency International – all of which receive money from Soros – lobby hard for gay rights, women’s rights and migrant rights among many, many other issues that have needed and still do need addressing in a lot of countries.

But his stated agenda of a totally ‘open society’ from interviews he has done is a little more sinister, and organisations he funds are in many cases producing the radical-left parents, teachers and leaders of the future.

In defining an ‘open society’ he once wrote: “Perhaps the most striking characteristic of a perfectly changeable society is the decline in personal relationships. Friends, neighbours, husbands and wives would become, if not interchangeable, at least readily replaceable by only marginally inferior (or superior) substitutes.”

In a 1993 interview with the Independent Soros said he saw himself as “some kind of god, the creator of everything”, a bit like the God of the Old Testament. “You know, like invisible. I was pretty invisible. Benevolent. I was pretty benevolent. All-seeing. I tried to be all-seeing.” His goal was “to become the conscience of the world”, he said.

Oddly for an atheist who says communism is a lesser threat than capitalism, he has funded Catholic groups and made his billions as a super-capitalist, much of it through fomenting regime change in many countries and capitalising on it afterwards. He’s in bed with the Clintons, contributing millions to Hillary’s campaign, and issuing her instructions – which she followed to the letter – on Albania when she was secretary of state. This tid bit was made public through the Clinton email leaks recently.

Soros has admitted his role in establishing a foundation in Ukraine that ultimately led to the overthrow of the country’s elected leader and has acknowledged having reshaped the political landscape in Croatia, Slovakia, Georgia and Yugoslavia. He sees Hungary’s PM Viktor Orban as a nemesis to his own ‘open borders’ agenda, which proposes Europe take in one million refugees every year, and get used to it being “the new normal”. Tearing down national borders through forced migration appears to be the objective whether Europeans like it or not to create his vision of an ‘open society’.

Soros has said Viktor Orban treats “the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle”.

“Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle,” Soros said.

Indeed, a Sky News reporter found a handbook for refugees last year left behind on a migrant boat telling them how to get across Europe, which was traced back to a Soros-funded NGO.

In the US – and probably in the UK and elsewhere – Soros money is funding radical feminist groups which have turned US college campuses into bastions of intolerance by creating social justice warriors. These are young women and men who have no truck with free speech or any alternative viewpoint to their mantra, “all men are misogynists, all cis-gender people are transphobic and all white people are privileged and racist’. Soros money has also gone to #BlackLivesMatter whose members, despite professing pacifism, have publicly agitated for ‘dead cops’ – and unsurprisingly got just that recently in Dallas and Baton Rouge, but that is another debate.

All of these socially-engineered liberals who adopt a ’cause’ and whose numbers grow larger every day as they graduate from their indoctrination at universities – some colleges now have mandatory social justice modules – become outraged by logic, common sense and even empirical evidence if it contradicts their carefully-crafted world view. Disagreement is shut down by calling their opponents racist, misogynist or transphobic and they are deemed guilty of hate speech. Making society ‘police’ and punish the free speech exercised by other members of the same society is actually ingenious.

If you offend or ‘trigger’ these ‘special snowflakes’ as they are often referred to, you could end up losing your job as they bring the mighty force of social media outrage to bear until your employer has no choice but to fire you for being a hater (tick the appropriate category). You must then issue a grovelling public apology but will remain unemployed, silenced and shunned.

Look at what happened to Tim Hunt. The British Nobel Prize-winning biochemist was forced to resign from his post at University College, London over alleged sexist comments he made at a conference in Seoul in 2015. It later transpired that his comments had been taken out of context and exaggerated by a female ‘social justice’ journalist. This kind of third-wave feminism is also a debate for another day.

So to sum up Soros’ agenda, it is to transform these ‘progressive ideas’ into policy and it’s working. But it’s also creating more racism, misogyny and transphobia as resentment builds among those being branded as the ‘bad guys’, or maybe that is the goal. Soros is a admitted profiteer from chaos and as a man smart enough to have made billions, he cannot be blind to the results of his funding, some of which has been beneficial to the world but some not, such as the current racial tensions in the US, the migrant backlash in Europe and the slow death of free speech.

The fact that he funds hundreds of organisations in dozens of countries makes Soros well positioned and influential enough to bring pressure to bear in the corridors of power to move forward with whatever his agenda really is. And, having Europe at least, under ‘one roof’ makes it easier to push policies across all member states simultaneously once the ‘reliable allies’ in the European Parliament are recruited to help.

Meanwhile back in Cyprus, it is difficult to tell as yet whether ‘social justice’ has hit university campuses in a big way, unless one spends a lot of time on social media, and the so-called hate-speech debate has not kicked off in a big way yet but it’s going to. There is at least one university on the island that has an open society organisation with strong links to Soros that was founded a few years ago.

In the political sphere, at least two think tanks that issue reports on the Cyprus problem occasionally are Soros-funded, the International Crisis Group for which the billionaire provided seed money, and the Independent Commission on Turkey, which has an indirect link. The latter is made up of European policymakers whose mandate is to “examine the challenges and opportunities presented by Turkey’s possible membership in the European Union”.

It has issued reports on the Cyprus conflict in the past. The commission’s website states that “the British Council is supporting the Independent Commission in partnership with the Open Society Foundation–Turkey”. The latter is a direct Soros creation.

Another little known Soros organisation is the Independent Diplomat (ID) “providing ‘freelance’ diplomats to unrecognised governments (i.e. governments of seceded or proto-states that do not (yet) have international recognition, and usually have little experience in dealing with international bureaucracy)”.

They boast having helped secure international recognition for Kosovo.

The website also states: “Independent Diplomat worked with the Office of the President of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, H.E. Mehmet Ali Talat, from 2007 through 2010… supplied input on particular issues as they arose in the negotiations process”.

“ID also reported and analysed the European Commission’s strategy for dealing with the Turkish Cypriot community, closely following the EU’s internal institutional changes and its developing relationship with Turkey, and facilitated the clients’ communication with them, including hosting meetings between the Turkish Cypriot leadership and senior EU member state officials.”

All of this could call into question the objectivity of reports on Cyprus coming from a myriad of ‘independent’ bodies. So, Cyprob hardliner Eleni Theocharous might want to bear this in mind if she is approached as a ‘reliable ally’ to lobby for Soros’ migrant and other policies in the European Parliament ‘because she is progressive at heart”.

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