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And now for some real entertainment

After the long summer break September brings with it the promise of some top notch cultural events with the holding of the annual Kypria festival.

Created 23 years ago, the festival gives audiences a plethora of choices. The selection aims at including foreign artists of international acclaim as well as giving an opportunity for Cypriot artists and groups to participate without compromising the international character of the festival.

This year it starts with three performances of Socrates Now! on September 1, 2 and 3 performed by the Greek theatre of New York. The solo performance is a political, cultural and entertaining experience starring the Emmy Award-winner actor and director Yannis Simonides.

A very different production highlights the broad spectrum of the festival. The musical puppet tale Agisilagus, about the adventures and unexpected problems of famous chef Agisilagus, by Dimitris Baslam is being performed for kids in the Larnaca municipal theatre and at THOC in Nicosia. It’s about mumps, the chef’s nutrition but not only…

The performance A City Seeking Its Bodies is a show choreographed by German Alexandra Waierstall which treads a thin line between fiction and reality, and promises to be another memorable event.

One of the Cypriot productions is the play The Three Sisters by the legendary Russian author and playwright Anton Chekhov staged by the Cypriot Persona theatre group. Another Cypriot contribution is a choreographic proposal by Machi Demetriadou-Lindahl, in which dance encounters poetry, image, light and darkness.

In addition to theatre and dance, the festival also offers music. Evanthia Reboutsika from Greece presents her new work but also some of her older hits along with the singer Elli Paspala. A musical journey where the East meets the West, with a feminine viewpoint, sensitivity and mood, and the distinctive style of the two performers.

Also from Greece is an unpredictable musical encounter, a mosaic of traditional and contemporary approaches, starring Konstantinos Tsahouridis with his voice and Mathaios Tsahouridis with his Pontic lyra. The two artists communicate through the sounds of Puccini, Tchaikovsky, Hatzidakis, Plessas, Rodrigo and Theodorakis, meeting Stelios Kazantzidis and Greek folklore as well as world music and introducing their own compositions to the public.

On a lighter note The Barber of Seville is a beautiful musical fairy tale by Carmen Rouggeri, based on Gioachino Rossini’s opera, having as components magic, humour and a very interesting plot. These are combined together with narration, theatrical dialogues, dancing sets and colourful costumes.

The ensemble She’Koyokh takes part with Musical Bridges. The ensemble is hailed as “one of London’s musical treasures, playing the best Balkan and klezmer music in Britain” (Evening Standard). She’Kovokh and the trio Monsieur Doumani, which The Guardian branded as an “entertaining, confident and inventive set”, join forces and cross their musical paths based on the music traditions of Cyprus, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Balkans and Eastern Europe.

There are many other performances among them one by the Cyprus Symphony Orchestra, which under the direction of Alkis Baltas and in cooperation with the Bi-Communal Choir for Peace in Cyprus presents the music-theatre work The Song of the Dead Brothers by Mikis Theodorakis.

The programme wraps up with the contemporary opera Ra…Patsia…Ou by Cypriot composer Andys Skordis, written in the Cypriot dialect and executed by nine musicians together with electronic elements and pre-recorded Gamelan music.

Kypria festival
Performances by international artists and Cypriots. September 1 until October 7. Different venues around Cyprus. Some performances are free, for the others tickets are €10, €5 for students, soldiers and seniors). Tel: 70002212,

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