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Kadis tells primary teachers to stop whining as new strike threat emerges

Education Minister Costas Kadis

Education Minister Costas Kadis on Friday urged primary teachers’ union POED to stop whining and cooperate with his ministry so that the new academic year could begin smoothly.

The statements followed an announcement by the union that they would decide mid-September whether they would strike. The cause of their discontent, is that a few days before schools start, they said, the ministry has yet to finish with teacher appointments and transfers, which is expected to cause problems.

The new  year for primary schools begins on September 12, and for secondary education on September 9.

In addition, POED is not happy that a proposal by the education ministry on the evaluation of students has been made public through the media.

The union’s head Philios Phylactou said that this move was intentional as the ministry was trying to turn attention away from the actual problems the educational system faces.

“POED should stop whining and stop making up problems on the eve of the beginning of the school year and cooperate with the ministry so that we can begin smoothly,” Kadis said.

He added that his ministry did not attempt to turn the attention of the public away and that the proposal in question was in the possession of unions and parents’ associations. “Unavoidably it was bound to be released to the press at some point,” Kadis said. He said that the proposal on student evaluation was not final and that it was given to all stakeholders so that it could be discussed.

“Based on the opinions we will hear, we will shape our final proposals,” Kadis said.

He said that schools were ready and that he could not understand what purpose POED’s statements served.

Commenting on the warning the union gave as regards them taking measures, he said “everybody is responsible for their own actions”.

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