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Trying to find some people from Panagra in ‘74

I am seeking assistance in locating a family that helped me during the Turkish Invasion of 1974.

Every visit to Cyprus I ask friends and family but I still have had no luck finding out anything about them and if they were able to escape unharmed.

I was in Kyrenia at the invasion beach with my parents and family friends. We escaped by route of Panagra and stopped at the cafe in town when bombing became very intense. Before we left, we

made a sign to put on car roof with USA in painted black lettering, The owners of the cafe were so sweet to give us the sheet from their child’s crib and some black stamp ink for the writing.

I always think of them and would like to know if you have any idea how I could go about finding out about them?

Alexis Sophoclides-Koudounas

(Anyone who can help please email [email protected])

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