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Restaurant review: Pier One Café Resto Bar, Limassol

You have to hand it to Limassol, every now and again a new restaurant pops up to take your breath away. And there are times a new place puts itself right on the map in the most sensational way that you just have to go. One of these places is relative newcomer Pier One.

Located on the revamped Old Port, it embraces the culture and graphic nature of the 21st century with a restaurant overlooking both city and sea in one fell swoop. Nothing will beat the breathtaking view served with every meal as the restaurant almost hovers above the sea. Paired with elegant décor, that makes it inviting but it has a refined taste nonetheless.

The menu can be described as nothing other than fusion, there is a selection of many dishes from a variety of cuisines done remarkably well but does tend to lack a clear sense of a signature direction. As far as the menu is concerned, the fusion air aims to please everyone; there is a selection of sushi, a selection of quite interesting salads and some conventional dishes with a flair of originality. As far as the sushi is concerned, I found the platter of 30 pieces the best when you are in a group. With every bite, the freshness of the ingredients was evident and being beautifully presented in a large platter made each sushi a mouthwatering bite of delight.

And being a fan of Italian and cheese I was able to then change direction with the buratta tomato trilogy – a combination of burrata cheese and the variety of cherry and sun dried tomatoes giving it a conventional but also exceedingly delightful taste.

When it comes to the main course salmon, chicken and pork are at the forefront but what stuck out the most, and one of the priciest options on the menu, is the Foie Gras served as a main dish. I had not come across a similar dish and found it an interesting addition to the menu. This modern interpretation of baked grouper served with foie gras seemed strange at first but with every bite it made more sense.

Pier One boasts atmosphere and great food, while a carefully created menu from start to finish, and a well curated wine list, makes it an unforgettable experience. Make sure you book early though, and if possible choose a table by the window to take in the most of the sensational view.

PRICE depending on dish €20 – 50 per person
WHERE Old Port, Limassol
CONTACT 25 022375

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