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A different kind of reality

After a ten-day artist residency, Maki Toshima will present his artwork at the ARTos foundation in Nicosia on Tuesday within the framework of the 8th X-Dream Festival and with the support of the cultural services department of the ministry of Education.

The exhibition, under the name Corporeality, will include work-in-progress and research developed during Toshima’s residency in Cyprus for her new project Imaginary City. The project aims to create various Shangri-La or Xanadou Sights (remote, beautiful imaginary places where life approaches perfection) through the use of digital drawings on photographs of existing locations within the city, a video compilation of past artworks, and the video installation Meta.Morphos which is inspired by the process of collecting butterflies.

Toshima, from Japan, is a multi-media artist, working in the mediums of video, sculpture, drawings and paintings. Her artwork focuses on the relationship between imagination and corporeality, which is caused by experience.

Speaking about her work, she said “when people have an experience, through one’s own senses, engaging sight; hearing; touch and smell; further feelings derive from the body. Those feelings encourage contemplation and an in-depth research, and eventually become engraved into the memory as what truly is.

“One’s world-view is affected by his/her experiences, but what actually changes the world are the small trivial things, such as a flower in bloom, the smell of wind, the moonlight, or the smile of the one you love. I believe, it is a great thing to feel the world changing through the experience of a beautiful thing, a malevolent thing, and a trivial thing.”

Toshima studied at the Tokyo University of the Arts Graduate school of Inter-Media Art. Following her graduation, she worked as a Research Associate and Video Installation Lecturer for the University. In 2004 she won first place in the Osaka Contemporary Art Competition. She was part of the design team for the costumes of the Opening Ceremony at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.

Solo exhibition by Maki Toshima. September 13-15. ARTos Foundation, Nicosia. 9am-3pm and 8.30pm-11pm. Tel: 22-445456

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