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Church concerned over direction of talks

Reunification based on two equal states would spell the beginning of the end of Hellenism on the island, the Church of Cyprus said on Monday, following a scheduled meeting of the Holy Synod.

The church said it had examined the Cyprus problem in relation to rumours that a solution was imminent.

It expressed the desire for a viable solution that would allow the survival of Greek Cypriots in the land of their fathers, smooth coexistence with Turkish Cypriots and equality.

However, the church said in a written statement, it was very worried, considering Turkey’s unchanging position on the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus.

“If the Republic of Cyprus is abolished and replaced with a new nation based on two equal states, it is certain – Turkey’s policy throughout the years leaves no room for doubt – that very soon Turkey will lead matters to a dead end, and unable to resort to international organisations without Turkish consent, we will be held hostage, spelling the beginning of the end of Hellenism in Cyprus.”

The Holy Synod urged the president to take into account the fluid situation in the region and test Turkey’s credibility and sincerity before accepting a solution.

“To also insist, on his own declarations on ensuring the well-defined and indisputable continuation of our state to the benefit of all Cypriots,” the church said.


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