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‘Dream solution’ of a federal Cyprus

Alper Riza (right) at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg

Queen’s Counsel and judge, Alper Riza will defend the ‘dream solution’ of a federal Cyprus in a lecture he is giving on Friday at the Centre of Visual Arts & Research (CVAR) in Nicosia, and suggest a new name for post-solution Cyprus.

In his presentation, Riza, who is also a regular contributor to the Cyprus Mail, will suggest that Federal Republic of Cyprus should be the official name “because it preserves the RoC and at the same time describes the new state of affairs”.

He will also analyse the nature of the problem, which he argues is not just political but also an emotional one that has damaged the psychological wellbeing of the people.

“The Cyprus problem has arrested our development as civilised tolerant generous human beings, despite our better nature,” Riza argues.

He suggests that a federation within the EU, itself a federal union, is the dream solution as it satisfies most of the basic of aspirations of the two sides “with finesse, balance and alluring complexity”.

Riza was born in Cyprus to a Turkish Cypriot father from Larnaca and a Greek Cypriot mother. He was called to the Bar by Gray’s Inn in 1973, subsequently appointed Queen’s Counsel. Since 1993 has also been a judge at the criminal court. He is a founding member of the Association of Cypriot, Greek and Turkish Affairs in London.
Riza will present his speech ‘The Federal Republic of Cyprus: Saving Cyprus from Arrested Development’ at the CVAR at 7pm. Entrance is free.
For more information on the event:

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