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Overdose possible cause of Bulgarian man’s death

Investigations continued on Saturday into the cause of death of a 36-year-old Bulgarian whose body was found on a beach near Mazotos on Thursday, after an autopsy virtually ruled out foul play.

Police and coroners returned to the scene of the find on Saturday in the hope of finding further clues.

X-rays taken during a seven-hour autopsy on Friday showed no injuries to the head or broken bones.

One possibility not excluded is that of the 36-year-old losing his life while using drugs with friends, who in fear of the police, dumped his body at the secluded beach. The body was found with one hand and both feet individually wrapped with taped-up plastic bin bags.

Toxicological examination of tissue samples taken from the corpse are expected to shed light on the matter as they will either confirm or exclude this possible scenario.

Police sources say investigators are now concentrating on the places the deceased frequented, the people he socialised with in an attempt to paint a clearer picture of his movements in the days and hours leading to his death.

The man’s Bulgarian wife has said the deceased was a former heroin user who was battling alcoholism, while being treated by a psychiatrist.

She said he had been missing since September 6.



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