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“I do.” Possibly the most important words anyone will ever say: the words that secure – with any luck – a partner for the rest of your life. But how should you plan for this incredible moment, and pop the all-important question which defines your future? Especially if – as is mostly the case in this traditional society – you’re a man, putting all your vulnerabilities on the line…

Ugne Arlauskaite has the answer. Founder of the only bespoke proposal planning service in Cyprus, this twenty-something native of Lithuania has been living in Limassol for the past two years and has discovered the perfect niche in the market for her exceptional event planning skills: Let’s Be We.
A site and a service which provides everything required by any would-be proposer, Let’s Be We is Ugne’s passion in life – her raison d’être, and “the most rewarding job you can imagine. We live on the island of love, in a country renowned as a wedding destination,” she smiles, “and it’s really the perfect place for a romantic proposal as well.”

While, in theory, any event organiser could plan a proposal, what Ugne brings to the mix is a unique blend of stellar creativity and seamless organisation – courtesy of her experience in event planning – which ensure that every one of the proposals in her care is completely singular and utterly memorable. Even when the unexpected happens…

“One of my favourite proposals I organised was for a couple who had come from abroad: he was British, a doctor working on secondment in Cyprus for three months, and she was German – a strong environmentalist and a vegan. So I came up with the idea of a proposal at the Eco Yurts near Polis.”

Following several lengthy conversations with the aspiring groom, and extensive research into his girlfriend’s likes and dislikes, Ugne had the perfect sunset dinner arranged, outside a traditional yurt overlooking the stunning Mediterranean countryside. “We prepared healthy sweets to accompany the dinner, there was a singer and a guitarist primed to perform the bride-to-be’s favourite song, and we had an excellent cover story: he’d told his intended he’d been called in to cover for a doctor in the area, but that they’d stop at the yurts along the way…

“It was all going perfectly: the photographer was hiding in the bushes, my team were masquerading as staff, and the rustic table was set with flowers and champagne. And then it rained…”

Ugne laughs. “Luckily, I’d checked the forecast, so I immediately handed out oodles of umbrellas and it was actually very romantic. It turned out she loved the rain anyway, so that was a good thing!” Of course the most important aspect was the bride-to-be’s answer: “She said yes! I was completely thrilled!”

Fortunately, all of the proposals Ugne has organised since she began Let’s Be We two years ago have ended in happiness: “I’ve never had a proposal where the answer has been in the negative,” she explains. “One of the things I always ensure is that the proposer knows exactly what they’re doing, that there’s a real love story there, rather than – say – a desperate attempt to trap a partner who may not want to settle down. Proposing is always a nerve-racking business, so making sure that both people are ready to be a family is very important.”

This doesn’t mean, of course, that the proposee is ever wise to the secret, but Ugne does ensure she talks at length to the propser before the plunge. So far, she reveals, it’s always been the male of the species who has taken on the one-kneed role: “I was really hoping that this year there might be a bit of role reversal: it’s a leap year, a time when women can traditionally propose to men. But it didn’t happen. Maybe in four years’ time,” she smiles. In a similar vein, all of her couples have been male/female: “I’m so looking forward to organising a same-sex proposal,” she enthuses. “But for the moment, my job seems to be putting together unique, bespoke proposals for men who need a spot of help. And reassurance…”

Proposing, she explains, puts one in an incredibly vulnerable situation. “It’s actually very stressful – especially for men, I think. This job isn’t just about creating a unique experience that will be remembered for life, nor is it pure ideas and organisation – a huge part of what I do is providing the reassurance that most men need when they’re about to pop the question, so I’m always on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly and the groom-to-be doesn’t get too nervous!”
For the most part, Ugne’s proposals have taken place outdoors, in the mountains and on the beaches. “One very memorable destination proposal took place at Petra tou Romiou; it may be touristic but it’s the birthplace of Aphrodite on an island that epitomises love. We had champagne, a candlelit picnic and musicians all ready and waiting for the unsuspecting bride-to-be…”

With her personal approach to relationship-tailored proposals, she’s ready to take on almost anything, including “sky diving couples or kite-surfing proposals; I’ve lived in six different countries around the world and been organising events for years, so I’ve seen all sorts of romantic ideas in my time!”

Ultimately, Ugne is thrilled to be providing a completely unique service for those in love. “I truly believe love is the most powerful thing in the world, be it romantic love, being in love with life, or loving every moment of your existence. And there is nothing as rewarding as seeing the results of all your preparation, organisation and research on a couple’s faces: the smiles, the emotion, the happiness. It makes this job so worthwhile.”

Putting the “how” into “I do”, Let’s Be We may just be the perfect solution to any proposal dilemma. After all, if you’re looking to be a ‘we’ rather than a ‘me’, and turn your true love into ‘I do, love’, then this might just be the one moment you have to get absolutely right…

Let’s Be We
A bespoke proposal planning service based in Limassol. For more information visit, email [email protected] or call Ugne directly on 99 295123

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