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Baby exhumed after parents claim negligence by private doctor

Limassol hospital

The body of a newborn baby was exhumed on Tuesday in Limassol after the parents reported a doctor to the police claiming medical negligence.

Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades said police were investigating the claims but declined to provide details due to the sensitivity of the case.

Soteriades said the authorities had secured an exhumation order from the coroner as they sought to determine the cause of death of the baby, who was delivered stillborn on September 14 by C-section.

However, the post mortem failed to shed any light into the cause of death and the pathologist was unable to collect tissue for further tests because of advanced decomposition.

Reports said the mother experienced problems during pregnancy after developing gestational diabetes, usually a temporary condition.

Following the diagnosis, reports said, the woman had to have daily insulin shots and once a week she visited her gynecologist for another shot to protect the baby’s lungs.

The family claimed that the doctor had told the mother she would be giving birth at seven months and not nine.

At eight months the woman still had not given birth and one day she visited her doctor with strong pains. Initially he allegedly gave her a painkiller injection to delay the birth until October 3. But the pains continued and she was rushed to the private clinic where the doctor works.

She was admitted at 1pm but the doctor, who had referred her there, arrived late. He carried out the procedure and handed the newborn to the paediatrician.

The paediatrician said he tried to resuscitate the child for 40 minutes but to no avail.

The gynaecologist claims he had no responsibility after delivering the baby.

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