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Forensics establish targeted ‘fury’ of triple murder attack

The victims of Christakis Thoma
The victims of Christakis Thoma (Christoforos Nestoros)

Details emerged Thursday at a triple murder trial in Limassol during the examination and cross-examination of the coroners called to the scene of the frenzied knife attack last November in the busy Anexartisias area of the city.

The accused Christakis Thoma 31, who was brought to court under tight security, appeared calm showing no emotion as testimony from Nicolas Charalambous and Angela Pappeta revealed to the court the fury with which the perpetrator killed three people, aiming for their hearts with a kitchen knife.

“I appreciate that the blow was not by chance, the perpetrator knew where he was striking,” said Charalambous, who conducted the autopsy on the corpse of Emilios Miltiadous, 24. Charalambous said the victim suffered two targeted fatal stab wounds in the chest area which hit the heart.

The same assessment was made by Pappeta who said that the two victims she examined, siblings Paraschos 19, and Constantinos Ntorzi 21, bore fatal injuries to the heart caused by a knife, the blade of which was estimated to be more than 20 cm long. Paraschos was struck five times with the knife, and Constantinos four.

Also mentioned in the report of the forensic experts’ findings were the results of an examination of the woman with whom the suspect had been in a relationship, which showed his violent behaviour, as she displayed signs of past and recent wounds to various parts of her body.

Thoma denies the premeditated murders of the three youths on the night of November 24 after which he fled the scene, but was caught and arrested two days later.

Thoma maintained everything had started when he broke up with the girlfriend who had persuaded the Ntorzi brothers to phone and continually harass him and one of his two underage children. Thoma said he considered this a misunderstanding which was sorted out after intervention by mutual acquaintances.

However, one of the Ntorzi brothers who was engaged to the girl at the time of the killings, accused Thoma of badmouthing his fiancée leading to a telephone conversation in which the two agreed to meet at Thoma’s father’s restaurant in Heroes Square.

The three victims arrived and began swearing at him outside the restaurant and Thoma said he asked them to sit down and accept his hospitality. He told the court he lost his temper when they continued to curse him and his children, grabbing a knife to intimidate them at which point they began throwing chairs at him.

This led to him pursuing them with his father in tow yelling at him to stop. Not realising they were dead after stabbing them in the street, he returned to the restaurant and continued work until finding out from the internet that the three were dead.

The court has so far heard the testimony of five policemen, three eyewitnesses and both coroners, as well as having some of the accepted facts presented. The prosecution will call other witnesses on October 14, the date set for the continuation of the trial.


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