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Cypriots vote for Trump in worldwide fun poll

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump

A worldwide internet Clinton v Trump poll, with around 90,000 votes as of Monday afternoon puts the Republican candidate in the lead with 79 per cent to Democrat Clinton’s 21 per cent.

A tiny number of Cypriot voters have taken part giving Trump 89 per cent of the 38 votes cast.

Out of 190 or so countries on the list, Clinton was leading in nine, there was a draw in four, and the remainder came out in favour of Trump, including the US, the UK, Canada and Australia which together accounted for 52,000 of the entire vote. The US itself accounted for some 35,000 of the online voters.

In the rest of Europe, Belgium, France, the Netherlands, Ireland Germany and Poland, where the votes were cast in their hundreds, Trump also came out on top, according to the poll that was circulated on Twitter by Wikileaks on Sunday.

Clinton won in three countries with 50-60 per cent of the vote in cases where hundreds voted. These were Colombia (809 votes), Singapore (821) and Ukraine (237).  Some 55 five per cent of the 72 Saudi voters also picked Clinton over Trump as did one person in Martinique, five voters in Palestine and seven in Libya.

Among EU countries, excluding the UK, where votes ranged from 200 up to the low thousands, Trump topped in Germany (73 per cent out of 2,700 votes), the Netherlands (60 per cent of 2,000 votes), Finland (89 per cent of 1,500 votes), France (63 per cent of 1,200 votes), Greece (73 per cent of 265 votes) and Turkey (76 per cent of 680 votes).

The poll is only an internet sampling and only for fun and would not represent voters ‘on the ground’. The regular sample in standard Eurobarometer surveys is 1000 people per country except Luxembourg (600) and the United Kingdom (1000 in Great Britain and 300 in Northern Ireland), according to the EU.

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