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Reset your emotions and start being happy

Would you like a weekend away to boost your confidence and energy levels, then the Antidote to Anti-Depressants Emotional Reset retreat for women, to take place in November, is definitely for you.

The weekend retreat, on November 19-20 in Larnaca, is organised by Lesley Hartley – who will also be speaking at the event, along with other guest presenters.

All experts will help you turn your confusion, frustration and stress into a force that will gear you towards the happiness and fulfilment you want in your life.

Hartley struggled with work, family and relationships so much that she ended up in hospital. This health scare gave her the chance to take a step back and seek ways to improve her mental health.

It is this life lesson that led her to flow with life instead of running against it, and also got her into using the Causism method – a method that uses the natural laws of energy to help people regain their emotional health.

“My quest for a better way to deal with people’s emotional health was as a direct result of my own struggles through life and the despair and suffering I saw my mother and sisters go through.

“Over the years, I trained in the ever-expanding new methods of mental and emotional healing. I opened, with a couple of other women, a support group in our local hospital where I counselled women on the IVF programme. I heard so many despairing stories of miscarriages, pain and heartache. Women have always been on my agenda, always will be,” Hartley said.

She then went on to say that she works under the title Emotional Reset, where she uses a whole host of ways to dissolve crippling negative emotional conditions which get in the way of living a happy life. For this to work, individuals do not have to tell Hartley their entire life story, and relive the pain.

So if this sounds like the kind of weekend that could get you out of your old emotional patterns, then get ready, because it is all starting on Saturday, November 19, when you can check-in to the Aldiana Hotel at 2pm, or even get to the hotel earlier and enjoy the spa facilities. After a dinner where everyone can get to know each other, there will be an introduction in the library at 9.30pm.

Sunday starts at 10am with a relaxation hour, during which star coach Alexia Ioannou will wake you up with some Hatha Yoga. After a 15-minute break, martial arts specialist Lindsey Gilmer will show you how to empower your confidence and boost your self-defence through gentle martial arts. Make sure to dress in comfortable clothes, wear trainers, and also bring your yoga mat along.

After an hour for lunch, you will get back in the swing of things with a stiletto boot camp with certified matchmaker and life coach Maria Christie. Christie will show you how to understand, re-connect and practice our feminine energy. Bring along your highest heels for some fun practice.

Get back in your trainers by 3.45pm for half an hour of meditation before Hartley shows us how to use the Causism technique to remove emotional barriers and enable us to live our most authentic and happy lives.

The Antidote to Anti-Depressants – Emotional Reset Retreat
Weekend retreat for ladies. November 19-20. Aldiana Hotel, Larnaca. €165. Email: [email protected]

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