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The voice of the silent, a robot which understands autism 

The first and only prototype quantum robot that will help autistic children communicate with their parents is being launched in Cyprus in the coming months

The robot named ‘AutiZmo’ is being created by Catatrix Ltd, led by a CERN scientist of Cypriot origin, Dr Catherine Demetriades and is being launched by the G C School of Careers.

According to an announcement from the school, AutiZmo is designed to non-invasively scan autistic children and translate what they are thinking and feeling.

“Families can finally be touched by the deep thoughts and feelings of their autistic loved ones, while parents, occupational therapists, child psychologists and many types of medical professionals will be able to deal and communicate with these children in a much more effective way,” the statement said.

CERN scientist  Dr Catherine Demetriades (red top) and members of the GC School of Careers
CERN scientist Dr Catherine Demetriades (red top) and members of the GC School of Careers

The team comprises the GCS delegation (Maths School, EuroMath and Primary School students), the scientific AutiZmo team is made up of multi-scientist and inventor Demetriades and robotics engineer and inventor Alaa Faraag. It also includes CERN Scientists from Italy and Cyprus, computer scientists from Cyprus and India, and robotic engineers from Egypt.

The prototype of AutiZmo is to be unveiled in the coming months. The presentation will take place at the G C School Primary School, and it will be followed by a robotics workshop.

Demetriades’ book ‘Speak to Me, which focuses on reasons why autistic children have difficulty communicating will be sold at a special price to support the AutiZmo project, the announcement said.

Demetriades is the inventor of diagnostic tools in the field of biophysics, DNA and emotions as well as hi-tech therapeutics in the field of molecular medicine.

She is also the Inventor of SMART (stored memory access retrieval technique), the science that will form the basis of AutiZmo’s capabilities, or its ‘brain’.

For more on AutiZmo and Dr Catherine Demetriades read our full interview with the scientist  in the Sunday Mail on October 2.


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