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Cabinet approves more cash for student grants

The cabinet has unanimously approved an increase of €2.25 million for student grants in 2016, raising the amount from €3.75 million to €6 million.

In addition, it approved a sum of €1 million for Greek students whose families reside in Greece and who attended academic institutions in Cyprus from 2015 to 2016.and Cypriot students from repatriated families who studied in Cyprus or abroad during this time.

The education ministry will proceed immediately to take steps towards the implementation of these provisions, so that these students can apply for the grants from October 3, 2016.

Applications have to be submitted by October 24 and must be accompanied by all the necessary supporting documents. Applications submitted after October 24 will be rejected. Students who fail to apply on time will not be eligible for grants.

The decision to increase the amount was taken to support students whose families are economically vulnerable and to enable those who would be forced to interrupt or abandon their studies because of financial difficulties to continue, the government announced.

Applications are graded on a points system factoring in a family’s finances, assets and social circumstances. Qualifying for student benefits are families whose gross annual income does not exceed €39,000. For families with three or more children, the total gross income must not exceed €59,000.

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