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Without teaching about all religions there will be no religious tolerance

Ombudswoman Eliza Savvidou wants action taken to stop schools taking children on visits to religious events even though we are profoundly nearly 100 per cent Christian citizens living in what’s left of our country.

She should stop being the EU’s willing executioner of our religious heritage by demands that when one non-believer complains, then all schools must cease from continuing religious visits, as if those odd parents were incapable of informing the school to excuse their child from religious visits.

Even the Ottomans assured us undisturbed practices of our religion from 1575 to 1878.  Her mission of purges to remove religious norms have struck again by changes to introduce a name for a third human gender of ‘intersex’, and now the coup-de-grace is the instruction to kick out our religious heritage from being taught in schools that were built and paid for by Orthodox Greek Cypriots, and by Turkish Cypriots.

Religion is a prerequisite to education for children to learn about the mounting diversity of religions for our soon-to-be multi-ethnic country, and the best place to teach this is in schools or else they will remain in ignorance, which is a breeding ground for mutual suspicion, prejudice and stereotyping, instead of encouragements to broaden minds to know that an alternative way exists to see things.

It should be a fundamental right to religious literacy for our Christian Cypriot children to benefit from their cultural richness.

Our world communities are currently in conflict due to religious fundamentalism in the Balkans, Middle East and other places but what our Ombudswoman robotically obeys is that we should help by not teaching the true non-violent laws of all religions.

Our Church leadership is shying away from ordering the flock to peacefully demonstrate as a meaningful reply that ‘enough is enough’ of EU overruling our religious practices. Our religious leaders must also take action when knowingly aware that Church congregations leave Sunday service feeling guilty for not having understood the ancient service and worse still, resulting in hardly any of their children attending services as they see it as a three-hour dreary old foreign music show sending them to sleep.

As for Ms Savvidou she should instead look after the citizens’ EU health rights and attend to a year-old demand for her to investigate and stop the illegal streams of asphalt-laden uncovered lorries from a quarry yards away from our village emitting carcinogens and tumour-causing fumes while traveling a spitting distance from family homes, endangering our children and others to a lifetime visits to hospitals for treatment.


A Dinou, Nicosia


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