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Daniela Rosca sentencing postponed

Victim Daniela Rosca

Larnaca criminal court Tuesday postponed till October 19 the hearing of the summation of events and sentencing of Plamen Pelov from Bulgaria who pleaded guilty to the killing of Moldovan Daniela Rosca, who was found dead in a flat in the Mackenzie area in November last year.

The delay was put down to a welfare department report on the Bulgarian not being ready.

At the previous hearing the 32-year-old’s defence lawyer said his client was willing and ready to testify as a prosecution witness in the trial, set for October 21, of two other defendants, Bulgarian Daniel Yordanov Slavchev, 31, and Panayiotis Alexandrou, 26, from Aradhippou, who deny charges including manslaughter and conspiracy.

Police were led to the other two after arresting Slavchev in June this year with Pelov returned to Cyprus after hearing he was sought by police having left the country two days after the killing.

Police issued a European arrest warrant prompting him to contact investigators from Bulgaria saying he would hand himself in, which he did on June 25.

Larnaca police were led by Slachev to a spot in the Koshi area where two mobile phones and an i-Pad belonging to Rosca had been buried along with a shirt, glove, and two passports. Clothes worn by Slavchev and Pelov on the day of the killing were also discovered.

Slavchev told detectives after his arrest that he and Pelov were acting on the instructions of Alexandrou who allegedly orchestrated the killing, as he believed Rosca had been involved in stealing €25,000 from his parents’ house after he had ended a relationship with her.

Slavchev and Pelov were allegedly given instructions to break into Rosca’s apartment and force her to hand over the money.

On entering the flat, Slavchev claimed he saw Pelov, clad in a hood and gloves, holding a woman whose face he couldn’t make out, from behind.

He maintained he saw Pelov move the woman to another room, pushing her to the floor and repeatedly kicking her in the neck and back before using a shoelace, which he said he also touched, to tie the woman’s hands behind her back. He then pushed a pillow against her face to stop her from screaming.

Slavchev told police the pair then took the mobile phones and i-Pad before fleeing the scene.

According to police, cheek swabs taken from the Slavchev matched DNA found on the shoelace.

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