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New measures to help long-term jobless, disabled

Labour minister Zeta Emilianidou (Photo CNA)

LABOUR minister Zeta Emilianidou has introduced a total of 11 new schemes approved by the cabinet, offering incentives for the employment and training of the long-term unemployed, but also of disabled persons.

The package of schemes is expected to cost €19.1m and aims to help more than 5,000 people. Beneficiaries are people with chronic diseases, the disabled, long-term unemployed – youth and over 50 – and beneficiaries of the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI).

“It is important for these new schemes to be implemented as soon as possible,” Emilianidou said. The first schemes will come into effect on October 24, she said.

The new schemes, Emilianidou said, concern incentives to businesses to hire people with chronic diseases, with physical disabilities, and for the training and employment of unemployed persons as caregivers to paraplegics.

Incentives will also be given for hiring youth under the age of 25 and people over 50, as well as training and employment of beneficiaries of the GMI.

As regards beneficiaries of the GMI, the schemes provide for their training in the hotel industry, the sales sector, non-profit organisations, and the local government to help them acquire more skills and better reintegrate into the jobs market.

The scheme concerns incentives for the employment of beneficiaries of the GMI through the subsidy of their wages by 60 per cent. Beneficiaries need to be unemployed persons who will have successfully completed a three-month training in the same business. During the three-month training, participants will be given an additional stipend.

Emilianidou said that there is also a scheme for the subsidy of the salary of people with long-term diseases by 75per cent for a year. The scheme in question will benefit 100 people.

Another scheme aims to help people with physical disabilities find employment as it concerns the subsidy of their salaries by 75 per cent for two years.

“The employment and training scheme for unemployed persons as caregivers to provide support services to people with quadriplegia / paraplegia concerns the subsidy of wage costs by 70per cent,” Emilianidou said. Eligible will be unemployed persons who have successfully completed a training programme as caregivers. The scheme will benefit 100 people whose wages will be subsidised for two years.

There are also provisions for incentives to companies to hire 700 unemployed youths under 25, as well as 500 people over the age of 50.

Private employment agencies will too receive subsidies if they help unemployed persons find jobs in the private sector.

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