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Women work ‘for free’ as of November 4

Women in Cyprus will effectively work for free as of November 4, London-based business-resource firm Expert Market’s latest research on gender pay gaps across Europe has found.

In its newest report, Expert Market presented a ranked list of nations across Europe according to how much less women earn than men for comparable work.

The researchers then calculated the effective work-for-free date for women, which reflects when a man would have to stop working within the year in order to be paid as much as a woman doing similar work.

For the rest of the year beyond this date, then, the woman in question is effectively working for free.

Among 40 ranked countries, Cyprus fared relatively well, coming in 22nd with a gender pay gap of 15.4 per cent and November 4 as the date when women start working “for free”.

On average, the report found, women in Europe earn 16.65 per cent less than men; thus, they effectively stop getting paid on October 31 each year.

The highest disparity in gender pay in Europe was recorded in Bosnia, at 46 per cent. Women in Bosnia effectively work for free after July 15.

Ukraine and Georgia were the other two members of the last three, with the gender pay gap at 41 and 34.8 per cent and the work-for-free dates calculated at August 2 and 25, respectively.

Slovenia, Malta, and Poland boasted the lowest gender pay gaps – 3.2, 5.1, and 6.4 per cent – with women effectively working for free on December 18, 11, and 8 respectively.

“Women earn less than men in every country across Europe,” Expert Market said.

“The gender pay gap is still alive and the latest research shows that it might not be closed until 2069.”

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