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Paphos reeling as dead fox displayed in public

RESIDENTS of Paphos have reacted with horror after another case of animal cruelty has been highlighted and then publicly displayed. Images of the dead animal have gone viral on social media and other web based sites.

On Wednesday night, an as yet unidentified man appears to have dragged a fox behind his car, tied with a rope, and then displayed the dead and bloodied body, on the car bonnet.

The car was then parked in an area of Paphos old town which is currently undergoing a multi-million euro facelift ahead of the cultural capital title for 2017.

Acting Paphos police spokesman Michalis Ioannou told the Cyprus Mail that police at the town’s central station are conducting investigations and he expects an arrest to be made.

“We have a suspect and once we have gathered statement we will apply to the court for an arrest warrant.”

It is not yet clear if the fox was dead or alive when it was dragged behind the car.

The head of the Animal Party Kyriacos Kyriacou, said that after a complaints made to them by members of the public, they handed over the information to the police.

“This is very sensitive and they have an obligation to investigate this case as they would do if it involved a human being.”

Kyriacou said that a recent announcement by the Game Fund had not helped.

“The game fund has said that there is an increase, 77 per cent in the fox population, this isn’t based on any facts. They also said that the foxes are minimising the number of hares and partridges available for hunters.”

He continued: “The foxes aren’t guilty, they aren’t responsible for a decrease in numbers; who is guilty? Who is hunting at night, who is hunting illegally?”

He said that statements like this had led to poisoning, shooting and now this terrible case in Paphos.

One resident, who wished to remain nameless said: “This is despicable, disgusting and a disgrace. What is happening to people, what kind of people we have in Paphos? And we expect to be the cultural capital next year. We don’t’ deserve it like this, these actions have to be stopped and these terrible people punished.

She continued: “How do we expect to attract civilised people to our town if we behave like this. Horrific.”

Oana Bodnaras of Paphiakos and CCP animal welfare in Paphos said that unfortunately it doesn’t appear as if cases of animal cruelty are decreasing.

“We have a female hunting dog found in Mesa Chorio in Paphos this week, close to death, who has been terribly ill-treated and starved. She is with us now and we’re taking care of her.”

Bodnaras also mentioned another recent case of a huge dog now living at their shelter, who has been kept in a cage all of his life.

“Because of this, he has terribly deformed back legs,” she said.

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