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Former girlfriend testifes in triple murder trial (Updated)

Christakis Thoma being led into court during an earlier hearing (Christoforos Nestoros)

The appearance Friday as a prosecution witness, the former girlfriend of a man charged with a triple murder in Limassol last November, which included her then current boyfriend, was marked by tensions and her fainting after giving evidence.

Christakis Thoma is being tried for the killings of siblings Paraschos, 19, and Constantinos Ntorzi, 21, as well as their friend Emilios Miltiadous, 24, who were all fatally stabbed with a knife.

The woman, who had broken up with Thoma some two days before the killing, gave testimony in the packed courtroom before fainting in a corridor following the proceedings.

The woman initially told the court she could not testify as she was getting strange looks from people in the crowded room, something which the judge told her to ignore, look in front of her and carry on.

She painted a picture of Thoma, who she met on Facebook, as a pathologically jealous violent person who threatened and beat her on more than one occasion, including one where she took photos of which she shared with the Ntorzi brothers on social media incurring the wrath of Thoma. He was especially jealous, she said of the friendly relations she had with the brothers, who she had never met but communicated with on facebook and over the phone.

She said Thoma carried a knife, both on his person and in his car. The young woman said that in several quarrels she had with the accused, he had threatened to kill her while on one occasion he had said specifically: “Want crime of passion? You’ll see.” She told the court she had tried to warn the brothers that Thoma was dangerous.

The woman said that after the murder Thoma had sent her a message which read “I don’t regret anything.”

Earlier in the proceedings, a British woman called on to testify, told the court she witnessed part of the incident from her car, in which she was sitting waiting to pick up her daughter. She said she saw Thoma “Looking angry and running.”

The eyewitness said she also recorded a three-minute video clip on her mobile phone in which the accused is seen holding a knife and brawling with the victims while another man was shouting at him to drop the knife.

A forensic experts’ examination of the ex-girlfriend brought up at the last hearing who confirmed Thoma had been in a violent relationship with her, said she displayed signs of past and recent wounds on various parts of her body, some of which were said to have been inflicted in the days leading up to the killings.

Thoma denies the premeditated murders of the three youths on the night of November 24 after which he fled the scene, but was caught and arrested two days later.

Thoma maintained everything had started when he broke up with the girlfriend who had persuaded the Ntorzi brothers to phone and continually harass him and one of his two underage children. Thoma said he considered this a misunderstanding which was sorted out after intervention by mutual acquaintances.

However, one of the Ntorzi brothers who was engaged to a girl at the time of the killings, accused Thoma of badmouthing his fiancée. This led to a telephone conversation in which the two agreed to meet at Thoma’s father’s restaurant in Heroes Square in Limassol.

The three victims arrived and began cursing him outside the restaurant with Thoma saying he had asked them to sit down and accept his hospitality. He told the court he lost his temper when they continued to swear at him and his children, grabbing a knife to intimidate them. At which point they began throwing chairs at him.

He said this led to him chasing the men, followed by his father in tow, yelling at him to stop. Not realising they were dead after stabbing them in the street, he returned to the restaurant and continued work until finding out from the internet that the three were dead.

Security at the court on Friday was tight. The case is due to resume on October 20 with the cross-examination by the defence, of the main witness.

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