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Last opportunity is not now. It was 2004

epa05569520 Jean-Claude Juncker, President of the European Commission, delivers his speech prior to a voting session on the UN Climate Change agreement at the European Parliament in Strasbourg, France, 04 October 2016. The Parliament has ratified the Paris environmental agreements. EPA/PATRICK SEEGER

THE BEHAVIOUR of the rejectionist parties, organisations, media and journalists is now beyond a joke. As soon as a voice stressing the need for a settlement is heard, there is a broadside of rabid ranting, taking the dimensions of hysteria.

And I wonder what else would they do if there were a realistic possibility of the procedure arriving at a successful conclusion and, worse still, being approved by a referendum, which admittedly is less likely than the sun rising in the west.

A statement by the president of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker, that “if this opportunity is missed there will be no other,” was enough to spark yet another bout of this hysteria. “The narrative of the myth of ‘missed opportunities’ weakens the arguments of our side,” said Diko, underlining that “if we missed opportunities these were opportunities to become Turkish.”

The other great patriot Girogos Lillikas said that “Mr Juncker’s wishful thinking is not adequate, but neither are the blackmailing dilemmas of the type that this was the last opportunity. In history there are no last opportunities.”

There are no last opportunities, according to our political dwarves and therefore there is no reason to be in a hurry. One hears these stupidities and wonders if these people were living in another country and had no clue about what was happening in Cyprus. I do not know whether Papadopoulos, Lillikas, Sizopoulos and Perdikis have ever visited the north. I do not know if they have ever been to Kyrenia.

But even if they have never gone, I cannot believe they have not heard or asked to be informed about what was going on there, especially since 2004. Because faced with the stark reality, which anyone visiting the north can see, only people who had escaped from a mental hospital would claim that that lost opportunities were a myth. Only the blind and fools could claim today that our missed opportunities were just opportunities to “become Turkish”.

Using the terminology of these fools, even a child can realise after a stroll in Kyrenia that we have already “become Turkish”. Anyone who saw what Kyrenia and the north in general, were like in 2003, when the checkpoints were opened, and how they are today would have no difficulty realising that the “Turkification” that took place from 2004 onwards is staggeringly greater than what had taken place until 2003.

Speaking of new constructions, I recently happened to visit the Karavas area which was just outside Kyrenia. Three hotels of the Merit chain (there is a fourth in Nicosia) have been built there. Let Papadopoulos and his fellow-fighters visit the area and then come back and explain to us with which last opportunity we would get this land back? Today in Kyrenia there are 64 hotels (17 five-star and 20 four-star). I do not know how many billions were invested in this district alone. These billions were certainly enough for someone to have bought the whole of Kyrenia of 1974 many times over.

I write this because one of Diko’s super-patriots of the salons must at last have the decency to explain the following: if this is not ‘Turkification’ then what is? Papadopoulos, Lillikas, Sizopoulos and Perdikis with their ‘resounding no’ in 2004 are the biggest guilty parties for the most extensive ‘Turkification’ we have had since then. And they should have been deeply ashamed of their achievement, instead of having the nerve to claim there were no last opportunities.

At the next opportunity, perhaps in 40 years’ time, the number of hotels in Kyrenia will probably be 164 while the population in the north could be bigger than that of the south, in which case we would be discussing how much territory we would have to give out rather than have returned.

But as our political clowns pretend they do not understand any of this, I will also disagree with Juncker. The last opportunity is not now. It came and went in 2004. It was seen off by the above-mentioned super-patriots, who must one day pay for their crime.

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