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Supermarket employees robbed of €80,000 in takings (Update 2)

Robbery (CM archives)

Three robbers grabbed some €80.000 at gunpoint from two employees of a security firm outside a supermarket in Yermasoyia, Limassol, on Monday morning, before fleeing the scene and torching the getaway car.

According to the police, the three individuals attacked the two employees, who had just exited the store in order to deposit its weekend’s revenues to the bank.

Police are searching for the three robbers, who fled the scene in a stolen car, which was later found burning near the scene.

One of the employees was lightly injured in the fracas, when he was punched in the face by one of the robbers.

Speaking to reporters at the scene of the robbery, Limassol CID chief Ioannis Soteriades said the two employees were about to board their car to take the supermarket’s weekend earnings to the bank, when they were attacked at around 10 am by three masked men, one of whom had brandished a gun.

At gunpoint, the robbers grabbed two bags containing some €80.000 in cash and cheques, and fled the scene in a stolen getaway car.

The car was found ablaze some two kilometres from the scene.

Soteriades explained that the heist must have been well-planned, as the perpetrators chose to attack the employees at their last stop before depositing the money in the bank.

Apparently, the two had visited all the supermarket’s branches and collected weekend earnings from all, before being attacked at the last one.

“It seems the robbers either followed the employees, or knew their scheduled stops,” Soteriades said.

One of the robbers spoke broken Greek, he added, which led police to conclude that they might be foreign nationals.

This is not the first such incident in Limassol, and police cannot rule out the possibility that the same robbers staged a similar attack in the past.

Police, Soteriades said, once again appeals to security companies undertaking the transport of large sums of cash to take all security measures.

“This is a matter we will take up with these companies, in order to minimise the risk of allowing such crimes,” he said.

Police continue to search for the perpetrators.

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