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Bank of Cyprus opens its historical archive

THE Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation is opening its historical archive, and in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and the European University Cyprus, will be researching archives relating to the island’s modern economic history.
The bank is organising two events that will be taking place on November 3 and 4: the fourth Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive Seminar, and the Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive Economic History Workshop V. The theme is titled “Cyprus in the 20th century: the state, society and the economy.”
The seminar will be looking at aspects of the Cypriot economy in the 20th century. Various issues will be examined, such as in what manner and to what extent Cypriot society and the economy adjusted to, and tackled, changes, developments and challenges.
At the Economic History Workshop V, postgraduate students of history and economics will have access to economic and banking source material, particularly the Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive, research into which will elucidate the history of Cyprus’ economy.
The first part of the workshop will feature introductory disquisitions on economic history and on the contents of the Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive.
During the second part of the programme, participants will split into teams that will receive copies of documents from the various sections of the Bank of Cyprus Historical Archive. During this team assignment, and with assistance and guidance from the organisers, the students will comment on the material provided and prepare a 5-minute-long team presentation.
Taking part in the events will be distinguished professors and economists, providing analyses of the various issues. The events will take place at the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation’s educational programmes centre, at 86-90 Phaneromenis Street, Nicosia.

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