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From comedy to experimental

The ARTos foundation in Nicosia is getting ready to present a selection of short films on Wednesday and Thursday.

For the third year the foundation will offer a little something for everyone in terms of short films. The programme consists of a variety of different films from German, French, Spanish, Dutch and Austrian filmmakers, with animation, comedy and fiction as well as experimental films.

Get settled for an 87-minute screening on Wednesday with a whole lot on offer. From the fiction category is Alles Wird Gut (Everything Will be OK) by Austrian filmmaker Patrick Vollrath. The 30-minute film follows a weekend-father who picks up his eight-year-old daughter Lea. But things don’t feel the same, something is off, and this is where their ominous journey begins. Chicas Day, Spanish comedy by Susan Bejar, brings a more cheerful feel to the festival as it shows how girls just want to have fun. If you prefer animation then you will want to watch out for Myself, Universe by German filmmaker Andreas Hykade, who has discovered the secret of the universe and wants to share it with viewers. This is a two-minute episode from a series in which the filmmaker addresses the audience directly.

Thursday’s screening will go on for 93 minutes, during which experimental short films are added to the mix. Austrian filmmaker Anna Vasof will show off her experimental techniques with Domino, in which the mechanism of a progression of dominoes falling is combined with stop motion animation technique. Domino also introduces a new animation technique, called the Non-stop stop motion.

Another experimental film to be shown is Carte Noire, a sinister road movie miniature in which filmmaker Michael Grill brings in flickering lights and ghost-like visions to set in motion this suspenseful film.

Short Film Bouquet
Two screening nights of selected short films. November 2-3. ARTos Foundation, Nicosia. 8.30pm. Free. With English subtitles. Tel: 22-445455

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