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Drug suspect escapes police, shots fired, cars crashed

Paphos police fired shots and two cars were damaged during a chase Tuesday night of a drugs suspect, who eventually escaped and is now a wanted man.

Police say they received information that a specific person, driving a specific car was in possession of drugs and so set up a block on Bosporos street in Anavargos village to carry out a check.

When the 24-year-old arrived at the scene in the vehicle, officers signalled to him to pull over. On seeing them the young man put his vehicle in reverse hitting and damaging a police car behind him before speeding off.

It was then, according to police, that they fired two shots at the vehicle in an unsuccessful attempt to immobilise it. At this point the driver was seen throwing five nylon wraps containing what turned out to be one gramme of cannabis in each, out the window of the car, police said.

As he was being chased, the 24-year-old then collided with another car after which he exited his, escaping into the darkness.

Police found a sixth gramme of cannabis in the man’s car which was photographed along with the others and taken as evidence, they said.

An arrest warrant was issued and the man is now wanted.

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