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Akinci: all issues are interconnected

Mustafa Akinci: 'like it or not all chapters are connected to each other'

Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci has told Turkish-language press that all of the issues at the negotiating table are interconnected and criticised the Greek Cypriot side for trying to separate them.

In interviews ahead of the start of week-long talks on territory in Mont Perelin in Switzerland on Monday with President Nicos Anastasiades, Akinci said the framework was clear.

The leaders, he said, would first discuss the four chapters where there were still gaps: governance and power sharing, EU, property and economy.

In the second stage, they would negotiate to try and reach an agreement on criteria for territorial adjustments. If they agree, it would then be possible to move forward to the third and last phase in Switzerland.

“In order to be able to launch discussion at the third stage on territory and discuss maps in a concise manner, it is necessary to reach an agreement and make clear a definite date of the five-party meeting in which Turkey, Greece and the UK will also participate to discuss and complete the chapter on security and guarantees,” Akinci said.

After determining the date of the five-party meeting, they could simultaneously launch discussions on maps.

He warned that it was out of question to bring maps to the agenda if a date for a five-party meeting was not determined, and even if they even reached an agreement on the criteria on the territory issue.

“All chapters are bound to each other for a comprehensive solution,” said Akinci. He said Anastasiades had unilaterally violated the agreement by trying to separate the territory issue from the issue of security and guarantees.

“Like it or not all chapters are connected to each other,” he said.

Commenting on the issue of the rotating presidency, which is still outstanding, Akinci said if this is not accepted, then the Turkish Cypriots would not approve a possible solution plan.

“Our position on this issue is obvious and clear,” he said.


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