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Akel responds top Greek comrades who backtracked on Cyprus’ federal solution

Akel believes the decision of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) to reject a bicommunal, bizonal federation in Cyprus is wrong, the party said in the letter they sent to their Greek comrades.

The island’s communist party, made public this week the letter they sent on Saturday to the KKE following its announcement that it withdrew its support for a bicommunal, bizonal federation in Cyprus.

The Greek communist party, with which Akel has had close ties for more than half a century, announced earlier in the month that they believe a bizonal federation with two constituent states does not ensure one sovereignty, one citizenship and one international personality. The KKE also said there had been a degradation of the Cyprus problem away from the issue of “invasion and occupation”. “This has the stamp of Nato intervention and general imperialist plans in the region,” the Greek party added.

It said it supported the withdrawal of all Turkish troops and settlers, the return of all refugees to their homes and the closure of the British bases.

The KKE’s statements were welcomed by the head of the Solidarity Movement, Eleni Theocharous, but Akel, as the only other party on the island, aside from ruling party Disy in support of a bicommunal, bizonal federation was not impressed.

“The new position of the KKE, that the strategic goal of the Federation in Cyprus between the two communities, which has been adopted for almost 40 years… should be abandoned, it is wrong because in our view is not based on a comprehensive and thorough analysis of the parameters that make up, through a decades old historical course, what we call the Cyprus problem,” the Akel letter said.

The party said that its conscious decision to adopt the goal of a bicommunal bizonal federation was the result of the new state of affairs created due to the Greek junta and Eoka B’s coup in Cyprus and of the ensuing invasion of Turkey, but also the dilemma between a federation and the partition of the island.

“Akel would never consent to the abolition of the Republic of Cyprus or to adjustments that would allow the prospect of a future secession.  At the same time (it would be) wrong to seek after decades of negotiations a comprehensive review of the strategic objective of the solution, since that – given the current international relations – will inevitably lead to partition,” the party said.

It added that as time goes by properties are being lost and the “illegal colonisation” of the north continues, leading to a change in the island’s demographics. These new realities, it said, create negative data as regards claims of the Greek Cypriot side on property, territory and the demographic structure, “with the visible risk of nothing being left to solve at some point”.

The party also said that a possible change in its stance would disappoint but also significantly weaken forces in the north that fight against the Turkish government’s efforts to “impose full political, financial, military, cultural and religious control over the Turkish Cypriot community”.

“Our basic expression of our anti-imperialist struggle is our effort to end the Nato-Turkish-presence in Cyprus which remains one of the most militarised areas in the world,” the party said.

Reaching a settlement of the Cyprus issue, the party said, would also mean that Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots would fight together to end the presence of the British military bases on the island.

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