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Smoking legislation before plenum in two weeks

In two weeks’ time, parliament is expected to put to the vote the new smoking legislation, which includes provisions for electronic cigarettes and steep fines for offenders.

House health committee Costas Constantinou said the bill came to plug a gap in the current legislation, providing protection to non-smokers but also respected people who smoked.

Constantinou said the law included provisions for electronic cigarettes, which are treated in the exact same manner as traditional smokes.

It provides for spot fines of €85, and up to €2,000 and or six months in jail if the case goes to court.

Akel MP Adamos Adamou said some colleagues wanted lower fines while others wanted higher penalties.

Adamou said he expected the bill to be amended during discussion before the plenum.

“The bill is strict enough and it prohibits smoking in all closed areas, and allows it in open spaces under conditions,” he said.

Despite warnings that it could constitute discrimination, the bill exempts the casino, currently in the pipeline for Limassol.

The bill aims to replace the existing law on smoking controls and to align national legislation with the European Union’s Tobacco Products Directive.

Cyprus has already been tardy in harmonising with the directive.

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